Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It's Re-Release Day!

Who's got a former Avalon book coming out in Kindle and paperback today? I'm thrilled to announce that, at long last, Book I of my Nobody series, Nobody's Darling is available today. 

April Raine was married and pregnant at eighteen, divorced ten years later, and has struggled to provide for her children. Now a successful businesswoman, she accepts a challenge from a daytime talk show to compete in a thirty-day battle of the sexes. April is up against a television psychologist who claims her organization hurts the very people she alleges to help.

Dr. Jefferson Prentiss, television's Dr. Jeff, is haunted by the loss of his wife and newborn son, and by his role in their deaths. To atone, he's dedicated his professional life to the ideals of family. The talk show challenge presents him with the opportunity to prove not only the sagacity of his self-help book, but the inherent danger of paying strangers to perform those family tasks that should be done out of love and nurture.
Once inside an isolated cabin filled with videotaping equipment, April and Jeff learn from each other, tackle their demons, and discover a new awareness between them: love.

You can find details and purchase info here: http://amzn.com/1477812962

Christine Bush is also celebrating her re-release today! Love, Julie is a mix of mystery, humor, and historical romance.
According to her wealthy father, Julietta Brightingham was raised to be a lady in New York society during 1890. She was not supposed to slide down drainpipes, play baseball in Central Park, or, worst of all, want to teach. Teaching was for impoverished young relatives, not for the heiress of the Brightingham fortune.
When her father suddenly dies, leaving her wicked Uncle Edward as her trustee, she must resist his attempt to force her into a marriage that would bring her misery, no matter what the cost. She decides to leave the world behind.
Julietta trades her fashionable dresses and dainty dancing shoes for serviceable travel clothes and sturdy boots. Dying her blond hair brown and donning her glasses, she travels incognito across the country to Grey Eagle, Montana, as Julie Bright, planning to take the position of school teacher, to begin a new life.
But the handsome and dedicated young Sheriff, Jack White, takes one look at her and wants to send her packing. She is not what he expected as a teacher for his fledgling town. He knows trouble when he sees it. But for some reason, no matter what his instincts, he cannot make her leave.
When the past finally catches up with her, he knows he'd move heaven and earth to keep her safe, and make her stay.

You can find details and purchase information here: http://amzn.com/B00AMXMTMM

Tracey Lyons has two books coming out today! In Making Over MaggieMaggie Monroe has always been independent, headstrong, and capable of handling just about anything. So when her aunt, Margaret, hires Samuel Clay to `assist' Maggie in the opening of a dance hall, Maggie is not amused.
The dance hall was her project, and the reason she stayed in the small upstate New York town. For the few months that Maggie had been in town visiting her ailing aunt and two cousins she's seen what could happen when Aunt Margaret starts to `help.' Both of her cousins ended up falling in love with the man chosen to assist. But this won't happen to Maggie---she doesn't need a man, or romance, or any of that silliness; she is an independent businesswoman and entirely too busy for such trifles.
Much to her dismay, Maggie realizes that she actually needed Samuel's help, but she's not keen to admit it. Neither is she willing to admit the feelings she is developing for him. Samuel decided to pour on the charm to get his way, but little does he realize that by charming Maggie, she has actually cast a spell on him!
Samuel Clay takes one look at Maggie and he knows he's in for a bit of trouble. She disagrees with every decision he makes regarding the dance hall but he plows ahead trying to do the job for which he has been hired. At every turn Maggie defies him, but somehow they manage to get the dance hall started and make it a success.

You can find more info and buy links here: http://amzn.com/B00AF9B2QC

Tracey's second is Lydia's Passion

Lydia's aunt Margaret always had a way of meddling in the lives of her three nieces, so it was not shocking to hear that Aunt Margaret had appointed Lydia to be the new schoolteacher in the town of Surprise.
Lydia is horrified to think that she'll be in charge of a room full of screaming children. She has no experience and cannot believe that this tragic fate has befallen her.
To make matters worse, Alexander Judson, the head of the school board and the local carpenter who built the school, has serious doubts about her abilities.
Determined to prove him wrong she throws herself into the position. No one is more surprised by her natural abilities than Lydia herself, but Alexander is still not convinced. His two children are students at the school and bring home glowing reports of Lydia. Clearly the two young children adore her.
Ever since Alexander's wife died tragically in a freak accident, he was determined that no woman would ever hold his heart, or the heart of his children. Lydia is convinced that Alexander is a wretched man and worries for the well-being of his children. It will take an accident, a little interference from the townspeople, and some forgiveness on both their parts for the two to realize that they are passionate about each other.

For more info and buying details, go here: http://amzn.com/B00AF9BKHI

A.H. Holt adds Blanco Sol to the re-release party. King Sutherland is dead---at least that's what both friend and foe assume. The war ended almost a year ago, yet King was seriously wounded after the surrender, delaying his return home. Recently recovered, he is on his way back to Texas and the Blanco Sol ranch.
Things have changed during his five-year absence. Outlaws stripped the homestead of its herd of Durango White horses and former flame Mercedes Alvaraz is married to Clint Sutherland, King's brother.
Complicating an already strained union, Mercedes' father is ready to take over the ranch by force, insisting that he has a rightful claim to Blanco Sol, and Clint is accused of robbing stages and wagon trains and murdering the passengers, even women and little children.
Sue Ellen, a proud rebel beauty, steals King's heart, but she hates him because he chose to fight for the Union. King is determined to not only win her affection, but clear his brother's name and collect a herd of wild Spanish cattle to drive north to the railhead in order to prevent the ranch from being stolen out from under him.

You can find purchase details here: http://amzn.com/B00AF9GKDC

Fran Shaff is thrilled to tell us about Ever So HumbleMarisa Orlando loves the sense of community she feels in her apartment building in Houston, where her neighbors all pitch in when another is in need. Therefore she's dismayed to find out that the building has been bought by a developer and that the inhabitants may lose their homes.
Lee Ramon has done well with renovation projects in the past, but coming off a loss, he desperately needs this project to work to avoid going bankrupt.
Sparks fly when Marisa and Lee get trapped in an elevator together, but that's before the two of them realize that they are fighting on opposite sides of this battle.
Can they work together to find a solution, or will they both lose everything---including a chance at love?

You can find more info and purchase details here: http://amzn.com/B00AHCZUP6

Stephanie Scott has Designs on Him available today. Lawyer Griffin Stone isn't looking for complications. In fact, since his wife left him a year ago to marry his former best friend, he hasn't had much of a life to complicate---until the night a beautiful woman sits on the bar stool next to his. With one glimpse into her deep blue eyes, Griffin aches with the loneliness he's kept at bay for so long. He finally remembers what it feels like to desire a woman.
Graphic artist Lyn Sternbergh has done some pretty crazy things in her twenty-seven years---but flirting with her brother's former best friend takes the cake. She's had a crush on Griffin since she was a teenager, but he's no longer the carefree young man he once was. Griffin is tougher, colder, and not about to let anyone into his hardened heart.
Lyn isn't used to defeat, however, and has never met a challenge she hasn't bowled over with wit and charm. She wants Griffin, and she's determined to have him---no matter how much he resists.

Details and purchase info can be found here: http://amzn.com/B00AMEG7D8

Deborah Nolan offers us Conflict of InterestMary Ellen Carey, an attorney and newly divorced suburban mom of three, finds her quiet, humdrum life suddenly disrupted by David Anderson, her eighteen-year-old client. By representing his minor criminal case, she is dragged into a world of crime and international intrigue.
Gerard Fitzgerald, better known as Fitz, is a Newark policeman, the coach of Mary Ellen's son's soccer team, and a man she finds arrogant and paternalistic. Fitz becomes her unlikely protector when she and her children's lives are threatened.
From the leafy suburbs of northern New Jersey to the pristine beaches of North Carolina's Outer Banks to the streets and Port of Newark, New Jersey, Mary Ellen and Fitz are pursued by international gangsters who will stop at nothing. But even with death stalking their tracks, Mary Ellen and Fitz's unexpected mutual attraction becomes impossible to ignore.

For more info, visit this link: http://amzn.com/B00AMYS57E

Another offer comes from Nell Carson with Tell-AllNew York City writer Kat Callahan is just finishing an explosive unauthorized biography of Hollywood's 'It' couple, Alex and Victoria Janssen, when they mysteriously disappear along with their 7-year old son, Jeremy.  Now Kat's publisher is hot on her heels to finish the book to cash in on the free publicity. Little does Kat know the charming cowboy who's just strolled into her life is actually Alex Janssen's brother, Luke, dead-set on stopping the book.  He knows it will reveal a fiercely guarded secret that could destroy the lives of all four Janssens.  Now he'll stop at nothing to ensure that doesn't happen.

You can get details and pricing info here: http://amzn.com/B00AMXXFHA

And Sydell Voeller wants you to know about Unlikely DadRachel Dillion treasures living in the small town where she raises her young son Michael and owns a bed and breakfast. She feels content knowing that the B&B is a wonderful way to give back to her community and that small-town life affords Michael some much needed security. Because of Rachel's divorce from his father, Michael has suffered emotionally and is failing in school.
Chad Merrick, Rachel's old boyfriend, returns home to help his mother sell her property. Once again, Rachel is powerfully attracted to Chad, yet she is also cautious. Chad is a renowned international wildlife photographer who loves wide open spaces. She can't imagine that he would ever settle for the humdrum small-town life. She's convinced, as Chad is, that his visit is temporary.
Chad begins tutoring Michael and soon fills in as his dad for a community Boy Scout project. While Rachel is grateful for Chad's help, her caution meters skyrocket. Before she knows it, Michael has become too attached to Chad. Can Rachel protect her son from further hurt and abandonment? And most of all, can she allow herself to fall in love with Chad--this time forever?

You can buy it and learn more here: http://amzn.com/B00AF9DWEW

As you can see, we've got something for every taste! How can you possibly go wrong? So click on the links and buy some great new stories to usher in the New Year with cozy romance!


Tracey Lyons said...

This is so exciting! Congratulations to all my fellow Avalon authors on the rebirth of our books!

Sandy Cody said...

Wow! Gives new meaning to "so many books, so little time". They all sound terrific. Thanks for posting this, Gina. Of course, my house may never be clean again.

Beate Boeker said...

What an awesome list of books! Thank you for putting this together, Gina!