Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Wishes

This year, there are special reasons we all want to hold our family and friends close. Between hurricanes, the murder of small children, threats of economic collapse or apocalyptic events, we have more than enough to shake our confidence in the future.

Yet, it is in our nature to face forward, to look relentlessly to a new day. If this was not so, we, as a species, would have fallen at the first hurdle.

We rely on one another as well as our faith in the positive reinforcement of our beliefs, our own creativity and strength of purpose. Our courageous struggle to survive against horrific events is a testament to our humanity and sense of community.

Heart-rending and heart-warming personal stories have touched and inspired us over the past months. Those who have lost and those who’ve found, express their grief and relief in one word. Love.

The most devastating events bring an outpouring of love toward our fellow humans, regardless of race or creed. At these times, we recognize our shared vulnerability and this is our strength.

And so, we encourage one another to acts of kindness, random and profound.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a New Year full of the love and kindness in all our hearts.

Merry Christmas!
I write happily-ever-after novels of love and hope.
‘Twas the Night Before New Year, December 2012, Eres Books


Gina Ardito said...

Thank you. Your post today is especially poignant to me and I thank you for putting into words what I could not. Here's to a more peaceful, more loving 2013.

Leigh Verrill-Rhys said...

Thank you, Gina. Sometimes the right words are there when you need them. A gentler world is worth working for.
Merry Christmas,

Sandy Cody said...

Thank you, Leigh, for saying exactly what we need to hear and remember now. I second Gina's wish for a more peaceful, loving 2013.