Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Changing shape

My husband was tall and, not exactly skinny, but slim when we met 37 years ago. Like many men his age over the last ten years or so his belly area has gradually expanded. A few months ago he decided he'd turned into 'a fat bloke' and didn't want to be any more.

Our daughter is like me, always watching the weight. She runs, exercises and is periodically either super fit or just normally fit. She told her Dad to cut out the bread because "the stuff they put in it is crap for your body." He switched to those kapok like rice crackers, severely limited his intake of potatoes and (finally, thankfully, at last, cut back on the meal sizes he cooks and serves. (He's a very good cook, I must add, and shares the cooking but always made way too much for me.)

Without meaning to my diet has altered as well and I've lost 3-4 kilos (about 8 pounds) without really trying. We've always cooked with olive oil, rarely eat butter and never use margarine. Ever heard the directive "Don't eat anything that won't rot"? Imagine what rubbish they put in butter substitutes!!!. We haven't had biscuits or cakes etcetera in the house for weeks and the only sweet treat I get is afternoon tea at tennis twice a week :) I figure it can't hurt there and I need the energy to belt that ball around. We snack on raw nuts and lots of fruit and we go for walks.

This new improved regime began a couple of months ago and my husband has lost 16 kilos (35 pounds) without any real hardship or by following a weird or fad diet. He proudly shows me how he'll have to buy a new belt and how his jacket can now wrap around like a double breasted coat.

Losing weight gathers its own momentum once those kilos start to disappear. I just hope he decides he's reached his target weight soon or he'll disappear as well!


Sandy Cody said...

Good for both of you - and a reminder to the rest of us (especially me). Thanks for sharing.

Zelda Benjamin said...

Don't you hate how easy it is for men to drop those pounds while we struggle with every ounce.

Jane Myers Perrine said...

I don't eat much (I'm diabetic) and swim every day but still can't lose weight. My husband stops eating ice cream and takes off 10 pounds. Life is NOT fair--as you stated, Zelda.

But, Lis, I'm delighted you both have lost weight.