Friday, December 18, 2009

Making a List. . . Checking it Twice

Holiday gifts have started to roll in from friends and co-workers. So far I’ve received a decadent box of peanut butter rolled in chocolate, reusable shopping bags and soaps. Every single one of these gifts will be put to good use. I did have to force myself to limit the peanut balls to one at a time.

My own gift-giving list shrinks each year. There are 2 things I do to prepare for the rush of holiday shopping.

*I start out by keeping a list of items I come across that would appeal to a friend or family member. I rarely impulse buy. As the holidays get closer I re-evaluate my gift list. If the gift is still appropriate I buy it.

*I shop early, all year long. I have a closet full of gifts. My Mother’s Day gifts are all ready to go. On my last trip to NY I shopped in Chinatown and got a great price on Pashmina wraps. I bought a dozen. They went to my critique partners and some friends.

I also keep an ongoing list of things I would like: an iPhone, Kindle reader and new perfumes. The problem with buying me a gift is that if I really want something – I buy it myself.

Don’t fret. I love gift certificates. My favorites come from bookstores, coffee/tea shops, and stores that sell cooking gadgets.

When all is said and done I sit down and re-evaluate my lists. Gifts become unimportant to the real meaning of any holiday. What I look forward to is celebrating, eating and drinking with good friends and family.

Anything special on your gift list this year?

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Melissa said...

I'm a big fan of gift certificates too! I love to shop for myself.

Jane Myers Perrine said...

On the top of my list: good health. How boring that I've arrived at an age where I prefer that to a humongous television or new computer!

Zelda Benjamin said...

Without good health what good is a new TV or computer?