Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cover Art--Elisabeth Rose

I've just had an email from my lovely Avalon editor asking for cover art suggestions for my June release The Tangled Web. Cover art is always a tricky issue. I believe with Avalon we're very lucky and I've been delighted with my four covers to date.

Because two of my stories were about orchestral string players the cover artists chose to feature violins. The Tangled Web is also about string players. Tess, the heroine, is the Principal Viola player and David, the hero, is the new Concert Master (lead violinist) in my fictional City Symphony Orchestra. I guessed there'd be more violins on the cover but I suggested something different this time.

It must be a very difficult job. They couldn't possibly read every book so I imagine the artists get a blurb or short outline of the story --but maybe not--plus the editor's and author's suggestions. Not much to go on! I admire the imagination and talent that comes up with such beautiful artwork for us.

Getting the cover art email is one of the most exciting parts in the publishing process, I think. I haven't been disappointed by the Avalon artists yet. Fingers crossed for The Tangled Web.


Zelda Benjamin said...

I'm not very good at suggesting cover art so I leave it up to Avalon. I haven't been disappointed.

Sandy Cody said...

I agree that coming up with the right cover is a tricky thing, but never before really considered that the artist probably had not read the book. It's amazing that they hit the mark time after time. I, too, have been pleased with my Avalon covers.

By the way, your book sounds

Beate Boeker said...

I really love the Avalon covers - so classy - our books make great gifts!

I was deligthed with the cover for my first romance, Wings to Fly . . .it shows the skyline of Seattle at night, the town my heroine is dreaming of.

When I got the cover for Take My Place, however, I didn't like it quite as much. It shows Seattle across the water because my heroine lives on Bainbridge island across from Seattle. As the ferry plays an important role in that book, I had suggested a ferry on the cover, but no ferry came up. I had to accept it . . . and in the meantime, it has grown on me. I think both books look great together, and I particularly like the dusty blue of Take My Place.

I believe cover art is more a marketing job than the author's job, and therefore, the author has to accept that marketing has the final word. After all, they know much better than the author how all titles in the same cycle look and how they fit into the overall picture.

Jane Myers Perrine said...

My covers fro Avalon were gorgeous. They are framed and on the wall of my study. One had little to do with the book but it's very pretty. Another company I puvlish with has us do a sheet for cover art information--actually, pages and pages long. I don't know how Avalon does such a great job without that.