Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Read All About It!
An Avalon Western

Brady’s Revenge
L. W. Rogers Western
Now Available

Solve the Mystery!
Brady Wilkes stands accused of murdering his stepfather.
Is Brady a heartless killer, or is he a victim of his own making?

The Suspects
This Devoted Columnist took it upon herself to spy upon the citizens of Willow Creek, Kansas to provide YOU Dear Reader, with the necessary clues to solve this vile and villainous crime!

Brady Wilkes – everyone in Willow Creek knows how much he hated his stepfather.
Kate Parker – will do anything to see that Brady inherits the largest ranch in Kansas.
Lou Spearman – leading citizen with a deadly secret
One-eyed Lester – has his own reasons for seeing Brady hang for murder
Long Tom – a half-breed Kiowa who knows more than he’s willing to tell.

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Brady’s Revenge


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mulligangirl said...

Very nice, Loretta! Great character names, sounds like a good solid plot and I already like the voice. Congratulations on the release!