Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Autumn Leaves Do NOT Drift by My Window. . .

I grew up in Kansas City, MO. Because my father was a huge fan of Kansas University football, five times a year, we’d head west to Lawrence. Three reasons I enjoyed this: my family, football, and fall foliage. As I remember, the trees in October were breathtakingly beautiful. Even as a writer, I cannot describe them but recall blazes of colors.

My husband and I moved to the South in 1987. One thing I don’t miss: snow. One thing I do miss: the autumn leaves. In Texas, people point out and admire trees that turn a rusty yellow or a reddish brown because that’s the best we have.

George grew up in Peewee Valley, KY—about thirty miles east of Louisville--on Maple Avenue. You can imagine what his street looked like with those towering trees with the brilliant red leaves. He misses the changing leaves too.

So we went back to Louisville last week, both to see his family and to revel in the beauty of fall. Sadly, we got there about two weeks early for the best colors and it rained all week. The leaves were droopy, wet and not very pretty. Disappointing, of course. I guess the old saying, “You can’t go home again,” is particularly true of autumn leaves and, probably, spring flowers. Or, at least, “You can’t go home at the right time.”

We had a wonderful time with family and friends. We told stories and laughed and had fun remembering our years together, but the beauty of autumn leaves remains a treasured memory.

What are some of the memories you hold on to? Have you been able to relive them?

Jane Myers Perrine


Carol Hutchens said...

You made me homesick, Jane. Just this morning GMA showed a picture sent in by a viewer in Wisconsin. The fall foliage was soooo beautiful. Thanks for the memories.

Beate Boeker said...

Jane, this fits sooo well to my birthday gift, which I just got today from my husband and daughter: A fountain pen called Indian Summer which is just what you need in a bout of homesickness for colorful foliage! I've only been the owner for a few hours, but I love it already. I have to admit I work for the company who produces it (Pelikan), so maybe I shouldn't rave all the time, but I know you will enjoy looking at it. Here's a link to the picture - it exists as a ballpen too:

Jane Myers Perrine said...

Carol, Because I missed that picture on GMA, I may have to look for images of autumn leaves on line--to get my fix. Beate, what a gorgeous pen. I used to love fountain pens but haven't had one in years. Sadly, I'll just have to look through the entire site and enjoy because I am notorious for losing pens and use very cheap roller ball pens. What a lovely gift.

Thanks to both of you for topping by.