Saturday, September 14, 2013


How refreshing. Sometimes I feel that all I do is talk about myself... mainly my books. Sure, I want you to like them enough to buy them, but first they have to catch your eye, and that's where my cover designer, Suzie O'Connell comes in.

Suzie has done quite a few of my covers. You can probably tell which ones; they stand out from the others. I met her through a writer's group, where she did a quick cover concept for someone else, and I fell in love with what I think of as her "brush-stroke" style. She uses this effect cleverly, sometimes blurring the otherwise hard edges of an image, or to create a plain background for title/author name, and other times the 'brush strokes' blend two images together.

Today I'm debuting the new cover Suzie has created for Book Two in my series The Women of Independence. I was torn between two breathtaking images, one with a sunburst, and one with the image of the woman on the horse. Suzie combined the two images and I'm sure you'll agree the finished product is amazing.

I'm still writing the story, but the work has become much easier now that I have this lovely image sitting beside my computer. If you haven't read the first book in the series, it's called Loving From Afar. Guess who did the cover art?
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Beate Boeker said...

A great cover, Mona! It looks like a fairytale!

Sandy Cody said...

Great cover. Wonderful colors. Makes me want to reach out and touch it.