Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Calling All Readers

I have some questions for you. Amazon Montlake has been running promotions for my book, Mara's Move. Thanks to everyone who's bought a copy.

If you have, did you also buy a copy of the connected book Candy Kisses?

If you didn't buy Candy Kisses, why not?

Inquiring minds want to know.



Sandy Cody said...

Jean, I'm guessing that at least part of the answer lies in the cover. Mara's Move looks more professional + it looks like a place I'd like to be. Candy Kisses looks more like a children's book. I know children's books usually sell more than adult, but maybe this cover has less appeal to the people who are searching for a romance. (Just an opinion - from someone who hasn't cracked the bestseller code)

Jean C. Gordon said...

Interesting. When the hardcover version of Candy Kisses came out, I loved the cover. But you're right, Mara's Move looks more romantic.

Beate Boeker said...

Mara's Move makes me think that she moved to the South, which is something I've been dreaming of, so I'd definitely pick that up. Candy Kisses looks a lot sweeter in comparison. I have to admit that I prefer Mara's Move, too.

Mona Ingram said...

I'd never in a million - no make that a gazillion years - think that these books were connected. Don't get me started!