Thursday, February 14, 2013

Drumm rolls, please! The winner is announced!

Our "Worst Cover Contest" is over, and I have to say that the response was overwhelming! I counted all the votes and hope I haven't mis-counted because it was a very tight race in the end. Here's the result:

Jayne / The Blond leading The Blond - 0 votes Your cover is just too attractive, Jayne, even if the story doesn't fit! :-) But you know, this is the very first contest ever where the loser can be happy!

Sandy / Put Out the Ligh - 3 votes. Not too bad, Sandy. And you might be the secret winner here, because sex sells and sales count. ;-)

Loretta / The Twisted Trail - 6 votes. Mixing up miners with cowboys is definitely a no-go!

Mona / The Gift - 11 votes. Mona, you got very far with your wooden plank, but unfortunately, you were beaten by one vote!

Gina / Nobody's Darling - 12 votes.

You're the winner, Gina!

And in order to celebrate the event, you get our very ugly virtual worst-cover-crown right on top of your winning cover picture! (Courtesy of my husband, who had the idea).

 As a gift to the winner Gina (who might be happy or not about her crown), I will donate a copy of my novel "A Little Bit of Passion" to her. It's about a skiing teacher and the whole book is written in the form of e-mails. The working title was "snow", and I pictured a blue, blue sky and glistening white snow all the time I was writing. I screamed when I saw the cover for the first time. (I'm not partial to pink at all!) However, once it had grown on me, I started to love it. It catches the eye, and it fits 100% to my story. Kudos to Avalon for this one! Gina, please send me an e-mail with your address, and I'll send it to you. Hopefully you'll have some happy hours with it. You deserve it after what you have been through!

Now, to the other winners of our contest. You have two weeks to get in touch with the authors. Please send your mailing address directly to the e-mail listed below, so it'll remain private.

Joan Kane Nichols, you won a copy of Nobody's Darling. Get in touch with Gina at ginaardito (at) gmail(dot) com

Joanne Guidoccio, The Gift is yours! Send your address to Mona at mona (at)monaingram(dot) com

Kate Eileen Shannon, you will get The Twisted Trail. Please contact cowboygirl44(at) yahoo (dot)com

Paula Petty, Put Out the Light is for you! Here's Sandy's address: sandycody (at)verizon (dot) net

Nancy, put your feet up and have fun with The Blond Leading the Blond. You can contact Jayne at jo (at) jayneormerod(dot)com

Congratulations to all of you! If you should have any difficulties getting in touch with your authors, just leave a comment to this post (with your e-mail address written as above to avoid spam), and I'll try to solve the problem.

This was so much fun! Maybe we should do it again? Every quarter or so? What do you think?


Loretta C. Rogers said...

Congratulations, Gina! This was so much fun. Thanks, Beate for the idea and for hosting.

Sandy Cody said...

I echo everything Loretta said. Thanks, Beate!