Friday, January 18, 2013

More New Releases

Friday is Announcement Day for the authors who make up this group. Read on for some suggestions that will warm your heart no matter what thermometer says.

Listen to Your Heart by Mona Ingram

Morgan Dempsey has always wanted to work in the hotel business. Acceptance in the

concierge training program of a boutique hotel chain means she’s closer than ever to her dream. But on arrival at Whistler, she learns that the position has gone to Adrian, a quiet young man from Switzerland who has a strange aversion to skiing. Morgan’s disappointment is tempered by her attraction to Rob – a ‘bad boy’ ski instructor. Will she fall under Rob’s spell, or will she and Adrian discover that they have more in common than their love of hotels?

This is a sweet romance.

Mona wrote five books for Avalon, all of which are now available under the Montlake Press imprint of Amazon in hard cover, soft cover and e-book format. Listen To Your Heart is Mona’s twelfth independently published book. She enjoys hearing from readers and welcomes comments on her work.



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Bride by Mistake by Marilyn Shank

If Meg O’Malley could play pretend fiancée to any man on the planet, there’s no question she’d choose Zach Addison. She had a huge crush on him back in high school, though he barely noticed her. To this day, she still compares every man she dates to him. So how could she refuse when her identical twin, Liza, asks Meg to take her place in a fake engagement to Zach (even if Meg is already practically engaged to someone else)?

Zach only “proposed” to his friend Liza in order to please his ailing grandmother during her final days. In reality, his heart is still healing from a nasty divorce. But the longer he pretends at romance, the more he finds himself really falling in love. The problem is, Zach doesn’t know he’s actually head over heels for Meg. And having been burned by a bride once before (his ex said she loved him but really just loved his money), Zach may commit to permanent bachelorhood when he learns he’s been duped again.

Sweet and heartfelt, Bride by Mistake is a smart, romantic comedy that finds out whether two wrongs can make a right.

The Vanished Lady by Vickie Britton & Loretta Jackson

Dana Lawrence doesn’t imagine when she buys the quaint Victorian house in the

remote mountains of Colorado that her life will soon be in danger. She has heard the legend of Lelia Glenn and how she vanished in the 1800’s, but no one told her about the more recent disappearance of Amy Walden two years ago.

On the night of her arrival, Dana spies someone digging on her land. The sheriff tells her that on the day Amy disappeared Glenndale’s jewelry store was robbed. Amy’s boyfriend, Donnie Thorpe, is still on the run, and his accomplice, Jed Hoyt, has just been released from prison. Bennett believes a third party masterminded the robbery--her handsome neighbor, Logan Rand.

While Dana tries to beat the thieves to the stolen goods, she uncovers a grave. Threats and attempts on her life follow in rapid succession. Dana must identify the killer before she becomes the next vanished lady.

Don't stop now. Following is an announcement of another great book; this one has probably the most unusual title I've ever heard. As I said, keep reading ...

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Beate Boeker said...

My TBR pile is growing every second! And with all these Avaloner books now available for less money than ever before, I can follow my impulse and shop without going bancrupt. Bliss!