Tuesday, December 4, 2012

"Meg's Confession" now available on Kindle!

Meg slipped into a confessional to spill her deepest, darkest secret. 

Trouble is, the man on the other side of the booth isn't a priest....

MEG'S CONFESSION by Sierra Donovan is now available on Kindle, only $2.99!

"Meg" became a Kindle book November 20th. I was very excited ... then I fell into a 

holiday whirlwind and didn't get around to announcing it here! Well, the Thanksgiving leftovers are long gone and now I'm trying to keep up with Christmas. But maybe you'll find a chance to squeeze in a fun, quick read this holiday season....

I think you'll find lots of smiles, laughs -- and a few tears -- in MEG'S CONFESSION. I know I did when I wrote it!


Beate Boeker said...

It sounds great! Thanks for sharing!

Sandra Leesmith said...

Congrats. My book CURRENT OF LOVE is out today also.

I love what Amazon is doing for our books.