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This has been a week of great excitement, wonder, and yes… some fear.  Change, by it’s very nature, means that something is in its “unfamiliar” place. Even good change is unsettling at the very least.  Yes, big changes for Avalon writers and readers alike.

 Our wonderful  Avalon stories  will now be included in the “BIG” world of Amazon, details to follow.  Fellow authors have been discussing, investigating, imagining the changes that this may bring, and as we know, time will tell about that “business” end of things.

But I’m writing this blog for my Avalon READERS; those loyal, brilliant, delightful people who have been reading our Avalon romances, mysteries and westerns for so many years.  The question I’m hearing from several of you by email and Facebook, as this “newsworthy” information is digested by the public is this:  “Is this the end of Avalon stories as we know them?  How is this change going to affect us, the readers?”

I hope, wonderful readers, that these changes will make our stories MORE available.  I’m hoping that these changes bring more opportunities to bring our stories to readers, new and old.

My first Avalon book came out in 1977. Many more followed.  Amazing how the time passes. Many of those original stories still exist in libraries, but have been out of print.  A good part of this change will be to bring many of our Avalon titles back to availability. A good change.

The publication world is changing.  The high cost of a hardcover book makes paperback more attractive, and of course, the world of ebooks has exploded!  This is a major part of the “change” that I know some of my readers are dealing with.

 I know it can be uncomfortable, while it is unfamiliar.  But we brave women (and men!) can deal with this.  Like our brave heroines and heroes, who often are thrust into new and challenging situations, change can bring a happy ending!

Avalon, in its original business model, was not set up to present their stories as ebooks.  Amazon is a master at this.  Some writers have already “independently” published their older Avalon books, in order to have them available to a wider readership.  Now, the opportunity will exist within the publisher’s framework.

 Even libraries, nationwide, are beginning to offer ebook borrowing for their patrons, so Avalon’s presence in libraries will continue, and hopefully grow. 

While we still don’t know the details of all that will come with these publisher changes, I am hoping that this will mean that many of those older titles, rich in story and heartwarming characters, will be available again, and forever.  I am so excited about that.  Even as an avid reader, there are so many that I have not read! And hopefully, new titles will follow.

Some of my readers are admitting they are intimidated by the idea of ebook reading.  This change, I think, does take some adjusting (for me, too!).  How do we get ready for this?  Even without an electronic reader,  Amazon provides a free “Kindle” program on their site that can be downloaded to any computer so that their ebooks can be read.  That step helped me to adjust.  And soon an electronic reader followed.   Change  turned out to be good.

We will all (writers and readers alike) work our way through these changes,  and we will ALL grow in the process.  I truly want my readers to know that I’m committed to continue to bring you good, inspiring, entertaining stories that are wholesome and engaging, no matter in what format they may appear. I think this concept is shared my many, many of your favorite Avalon writers.

I value your comments, and I hope you keep them coming.   Together, we will grow through these exciting times, keeping the well loved legacy of Avalon Books alive while embracing these new, exciting opportunities!  With our electronic world today, it is easy to keep track of our individual favorite authors and their work.  Stay tuned!

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Sandy Cody said...

Well said, Christine. These are exciting times for readers and writers alike.