Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Jennifer McAndrews Talks "Deadly Farce" with Fran Shaff

DEADLY FARCE is Jennifer McAndrews latest book release, and she is here with us today to discuss this exciting story. My name is Fran Shaff, and I’m very pleased to be able to talk to Ms. McAndrews about this exhilarating tale of intrigue.

FS: Thank you for being here with us today, Jennifer.

JM: I’m so very excited to be here! Thanks for inviting me to visit and discuss my first book from Avalon Press. I’m thrilled to be part of their author family.

FS: I found this BLURB for DEADLY FARCE at Amazon.com, one location where readers may find the book: When Hollywood heavyweight Shepard Brown fears someone is trying to kill him, he asks newly licensed private investigator Lorraine Keys to keep him safe. Friends with Shepard since elementary school, Lorraine knows he can be more than a little melodramatic. Though she agrees to meet him on location in Atlantic City, New Jersey, to review the situation, the last thing she expects is to find truth in his claims. After all, a poisoned pizza? But after getting caught in the center of yet another attempt on Shepard's life, Lorraine is forced to admit he's right about the danger--and determined to find a way to protect him while searching for the culprit.

With her meddling friend Barb along for the ride and her boss anxiously tracking her every move, Lorraine must juggle the chaos of a film set, the lure of the casinos, the mutual attraction of a hunky co-star, and a minefield of Shepard's ex-girlfriends all while keeping Shepard safe and uncovering the identity of the killer before she becomes the next target.

FS: I wouldn’t be surprised if other readers feel as eager to get their hands on this story as I am after reading this compelling description.

FS: The title DEADLY FARCE rouses my curiosity. I can’t help but wonder if this story offers readers a bit of humor along with the obvious intrigue. Could you fill us in on that?

JM: Deadly Farce began with a character who believes someone is trying to kill him, and the first attempt against his life involves a peanut-laden pizza. Keeping that attempt as is rather than rewriting it into something blatantly sinister allowed me to have a lot of fun writing the story. I’m hoping readers experience the same sense of fun.

FS: From what I’ve seen so far, I think they will.

FS: DEADLY FARCE is your first novel with Avalon Books, but you have published your work elsewhere, haven’t you?

JM: Yes, I have.

FS: Could you give us a list of your other publications?

JM: As seems to happen so often among writers, the first book you think will see publication becomes the second, third, or fourth book to see publication. So yes, while Deadly is my first novel with Avalon, and my debut mystery, I have a romantic adventure released in 2011, TRAIL OF THE TUDOR BLUE, and a middle grade time-travel adventure, BRAVING THE TITANIC.

FS: Splendid. Do you have any other books being released this year?

JM: Coming up in May I’ve had the honor and pleasure in participating in an anthology called ETERNAL SPRING with some terrific young adult authors. The collection will start as $0.99 on Amazon, but we’ll beat it down to free as soon as we can.

FS: Oh, wow, a YA anthology. It is very generous of you and your fellow authors to share your stories at little or no cost to your young readers.

FS: I’m sure readers would be interested in hearing about any awards and honors you’ve received for your work. Could you list a few of them here?

JM: A few I’m most proud of… DEADLY FARCE was a finalist in the Daphne du Maurier Award of Excellence contest - a romantic suspense and mystery contest run by a special interest chapter of the Romance Writers of America through agreement with the du Maurier estate.

FS: Ooh, Readers, there’s one more reason we have to treat ourselves to DEADLY FARCE.

JM: In 2010, I had the unique pleasure of being a finalist in RWA’s prestigious Golden Heart contest for unpublished writers. The whole experience was truly special. But most importantly, it has given me one of my most treasured groups of writing allies and dear friends.

FS: Congratulations on your finalist status in the Golden Heart. I’m impressed already with the honors you’ve received. Do you have any others you’d like to tell us about?

JM: Just this month, TRAIL OF THE TUDOR BLUE was nominated by blogs Dear Author and Smart Bitches, Trashy Books for their version of March Madness, where the best books of 2011 compete in elimination voting for best romance of the year. The campaigning was a ton of fun and I met some wonderful fellow authors.

FS: I like this version of March Madness. Very inventive idea.

FS: How would you describe the heroine in DEADLY FARCE?

JM: Lorraine is a bit irreverent, a bit cranky at being a woman in man’s world, and a bit impatient with foolishness. But, she’s very protective of those in danger and fiercely loyal to her friends. Those qualities, along with a firm moral compass, make her well-suited to her job as bodyguard and private investigator. This also makes her a little insecure in other areas of her life, so she’s got some unexpected depth to her.

FS: I think I like her already! Does she have a love interest, or is she all business?

JM: She has a deep dividing line between business and pleasure - the nature of her work requires it - but she surely has a love interest she meets in Deadly. Unfortunately, he becomes one of the chief suspects for murder. Sorta makes dating from the singles ads look appealing, doesn’t it?

FS: (grinning) This book is sounding like more and more fun.

FS: What else would you like to tell us about DEADLY FARCE? The blurb is pretty compelling, but there must be something more you’d like readers to know, something which will entice us a little further…

JM: Let’s see…there’s a poison pizza, a sexy Hollywood hero, explosions, gunfire, unique Atlantic City location… After all that, though, I would have to admit that my personal favorite aspect of Deadly is the relationship between Lorraine and her best friend Barb. Friendship is such an important theme in the story, I’m happy to have these two women to work with who have been friends since middle school, and who will stand beside one another through thick or thin.

FS: So they’ll stand together through thick and thin, huh?

JM: Well, their friendship is absolutely put to the test in Deadly.

FS: And I guess we’ll just have to find out for ourselves whether or not the friendship survives and just what happens with the Hollywood hero, the explosions and gunfire…

FS: Where besides Amazon can we get a copy of DEADLY FARCE?

JM: You can order Deadly online through Barnes and Noble, or ask your local store to order a copy for you. Better yet, request the book at your local library!

FS: Is DEADLY FARCE available in paperback and e-book as well as hardcover?

JM: There are no plans for paperback at this time, but we’ve all got our fingers crossed for an e-book version in the near future. If everyone crosses fingers with us, it could happen faster!

FS: I’m crossing my fingers for an e-book. I love my e-reader! I’ll be using it to acquire a copy of the anthology you mentioned.

FS: It would be great if you could give us your website address, your Facebook, Twitter and blog page links or any other links where readers can connect with you on the Internet.

JM: My website
Pinterest where I keep images I’m using to help inspire my next novel.

But honestly, the best place to keep up with me is via Twitter. I’m totally addicted!

FS: It is really wonderful to keep up with readers on the Internet, and it’s terrific they have so many ways they can connect with you.

JM: Fran, my thanks again for hosting me here on the blog and letting me blather on about my book. This has been a ton of fun!

FS: It has been my pleasure, I guarantee you.

FS: Thanks Jennifer McAndrews, for appearing here on the Avaloner’s Blog to tell us about DEADLY FARCE. I can’t wait to read your exciting novel.

Fran Shaff
Award-Winning Author
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Beate Boeker said...

This book really sounds like a must-read! Thank you very much for sharing these interesting news (I'm so impressed that you were a finalist in such big contests!), and good luck with the sales!

Sandy Cody said...

What an interesting interview. Lorraine sounds like a character I would enjoy spending time with. Jennifer, I'm impressed with how you've combined so many diverse elements into one book, also by the variety of projects you've described. I'll look for you on twitter.

Thanks, Fran, for helping us get to know this writer better.

Ginger Calem said...

What a great interview! Thanks, Fran and Jennifer! I have read Deadly Farce and adore it! Lorraine feels like one of my best friends and Barb is such a hoot. I can't recommend this book enough.

Jennifer, I'm anxiously waiting for the YA anthology! Awesome!

Helen Scott Taylor said...

Great interview. Sounds like a fun and exciting mystery. I'll be watching out for the ebook version as well.

Kimberly said...

This story sounds awesome. I'm a huge, huge fan of female friendships. Real ones without the cattiness. I'm more impressed with the fact that your heroine and her best friend have been friends since middle school than anything else. :-) We need plenty more stories showcasing how female friendships enrich our lives.
And your hero sounds awesome, too.
Good luck to you! And I know just what you mean about making wonderful friends being the best part of the journey. I am blessed to count you in that number.

Mary Lawrence said...

Fun interview! Love the title, Jen! The premise sounds terrif!

Kat Jorgensen said...

Great interview! Looking forward to reading the book.

Judythe Morgan said...

Great interview, Jen. Thanks for hosting, Fran. Deadly Farce sounds like a fun, fun read. I hope it's out in for my e-reader soon too.

Fran Shaff said...

Thanks, everyone, for stopping by. Tell your friends at FB and Twitter about Jennifer's book. They'll thank you! Fran Shaff