Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Glen Ebisch

Today's scheduled post was an interview with Glen Ebisch, but we weren't able to make the necessary contacts. However, that doesn't mean you'll miss the chance to hear about Glen's latest Avalon book.  Here it is. Great cover! Don't you agree?

Here's a little something about the story:

When Marcie Ducasse, newly promoted associate editor of Roaming New England magazine, gets a call from Steve Rostow, an old college friend, telling her that the ghost of a girl killed twenty years ago on the night of her senior prom has returned seeking vengeance, she knows this is the right material for her “Weird Happenings” column.

As Marcie and Steve investigate further they find that one of the richest men in the town of Arbella, Connecticut, who was a suspect in the girl’s murder, is trying to hush up the ghost’s attacks. He would also like to keep Marcie and Steve from writing their story in order to protect his own political ambitions. As the attacks reach a murderous crescendo, it becomes clear that they can no longer be concealed, and Marcie and Steve are forced to unearth events that happened twenty years before, in order to understand who killed the girl on the night of her prom and who—or what—has returned to avenge her.

And a little something about Glen:

Glen Ebisch lives with his wife in western Massachusetts, where he teaches philosophy at a local college. His leisure interests include yoga, reading, and discovering New England tales of the supernatural.

When the Last Dance is Over is far from Glen's first Avalon book. Some of his other titles are: Ghosts from the Past, The Crying Girl, Grave Justice, A Rocky Road, Unwanted Inheritance, To Breathe Again, and Woven Hearts.

Maybe another time, we'll hear from Glen himself. With all those books to his credit, I'm sure he'll have something interesting to say.

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Jean C. Gordon said...

Glen is also a fellow member of the Capital Region (NY) Romance Writers.