Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Avalon Author Marty Ambrose!

Hi, all, Jennifer here!
I'm so happy to introduce fellow Avalon author Marty Ambrose to you today!

How would you describe your writing style and/or the books you write?
I write The Mango Bay mysteries—a cozy series set in Southwest Florida. My amateur sleuth is named Mallie Monroe, and she a cross between Bridget Jones and Agatha Christie. I’ve always loved cozy mysteries ever since I first read a book in Christie’s Miss Marple series, and I write “mystery light”—with a touch of humor. I love quirky characters on an island setting.

Describe a little of your writing routine for us. Do you have a set amount of time that you spend on writing per week?
I generally write 4-5 mornings a week and have a page quota, so I’m a very disciplined writer. When I plan a novel, I usually do an outline and write the first 100 pages; then, I go back and edit, letting the creativity just take over. I sometimes revise 4-5 times before I finish the book. The first part is usually slow, but the second half of the novel generally moves more quickly.

What authors have inspired you the most?
I teach British Literature at the local state college, so my favorite author is part of that world: Lord Byron. His poetry has just been the guiding force in my life, but Agatha Christie has been my guardian inspiration as a mystery writer.

Is there a different genre you would like to try and write someday?
In fiction, I only want to write mystery. However, I’d also like to write non-fiction one day.

Do you have a favorite social network?
I love Facebook.

How do you reward yourself for finishing or selling a book?
My husband and I go out to dinner, and I have a glass of champagne. Also, I collect antique Victorian jewelry, so I usually treat myself to a small piece of jewelry.

What is the best advice you’ve ever gotten and/or advice you’d like to give to other writers? These are such clich├ęs, but the two best tips I’ve received are the following: 1. Writing is a business. 2. Learn the craft and never give up.

FUN Christmas questions:
White or colored lights? Colored lights (but only red and green)

Favorite Christmas song? “Oh, Holy Night”

Favorite gift you’ve given OR received. My Keurig Coffee Maker!

Turkey or Ham?

Links where readers can find you:

KILLER KOOL is Marty's new book out now!

It’s October on Coral Island, and Mallie Monroe is learning how to multitask: she’s juggling two men, Nick and Cole; helping her office pal, Sandy, plan a fall wedding; and trying to find a way to adjust to her new assignment as the Observer food critic. The summer doldrums are officially over as the island prepares for cooler weather and its first Taste of the Island. Unfortunately, Madame Geri, the island’s freelance psychic, appears at the newspaper declaring that the upcoming nuptials of her son, Jimmy, and Sandy are in jeopardy because of a possible killer on the loose. Mallie knows where to start: Carlos Santini has recently died from an apparent heart attack, and everyone believes that his brother, Chef Marco, was somehow involved. So Mallie teams up with Madame Geri to add another task to her list: solve the crime and make certain that the wedding doesn’t end up on a canceled list.
Available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Thank you so much, Marty!


Cozy in Texas said...

I stopped by your blog today.

Gina/Katherine said...

The story sounds terrific, Marty. I'll definitely be looking for it. And yes, I, too, *love* my Keurig. So much so that I've bought several for family over the last year and even bought one for my office! Happy Holidays to all the Avalon authors and readers!

Sandy Cody said...

Hi Marty, Nice to meet you. Your books sounds like fun. Who could resist a combination of Bridget Jones and Agatha Christie? Good luck with it. I look forward to reading it.

Marty said...

Thank you so much, Sandy! My fellow Avalon authors are just the best!

Beate Boeker said...

This sounds just like the right kind of book for me! Thank you for this interesting interview!