Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Multi-published writer Rosemarie Naramore's delightful new novel, Lacey’s Homecoming came out in October. Rosemarie has published three other romances with Avalon: Just in Time, Armed and Disarming, The Detour, and Lacey’s Homecoming—as well as a mystery, The Listing Agent. A sixthbook, also a mystery, Deputy Down, is coming out June, 2012. She dropped by to tell us more about herself. Before that, I want to mention how much fun writing this interview has been. Rosemarie has a wonderful sense of humor. Some of her answers give insight into how much fun her books are. Read and enjoy!

So, Rosemarie, tell us about yourself.
I'm a very boring person! I'm a mother of two, married to a cop, and took time off from work a few years back to pursue my dream of writing fiction. Something interesting about me...? Can't think of anything. Maybe an interesting fact is that I hope to eventually write a book for every Avalon genre. Still left to write: A historical romance and a western.

I’ve noticed that a lot of your heroes are in law enforcement. I see from your bio that you’re married to a cop. Tell us more about that, please.
Yes, my husband is a deputy sheriff and I always say, law enforcement is more a lifestyle than a career. I guess I’ve been around him and his buddies for so long, I fancy myself a cop by proximity. I have had both male and female cops in my stories, but am trying to divert from my norm a bit. There are no (main character) cops in the last book I submitted to Avalon, and I intend to continue to shake it up a bit.

What do you mean by “shake it up” a bit?
I mean the heroes will have professions other than in law enforcement. Will they be the same type of hero as those I've written in the past? That's a good question. I do tend to write tall, dark, handsome, and self-assured. Hmmm? Maybe I'll write, average height, blond, kinda cute, and slightly insecure. It's something to think about. I will probably always write a hero who has strong values and is inherently decent. As I said, I have a daughter, and I want her to recognize a good guy when she sees one.

You’ve written both romance and mysteries. Which do you prefer?
I enjoy writing the romance and mystery genres equally. My daughter prefers that I write romance. I try to create loving, caring, funny heroes, hoping to influence her choices in dates, but alas, she seems pretty independent-minded on the subject. I may live through it.

Please tell us more about your latest novel.
In my most recent release, Lacey’s Homecoming, main character Lacey finds that you can go home, despite how much you may think you don’t want to. Her love interest is a… wait for it—cop, but he’s a sweet guy who has been in love with her since they were kids. Ultimately, the two find their happy ending. That’s what I like so much about Avalon—those happy endings.

What are you reading now?
Lately, I’ve been reading mostly Avalon authors. I adore anything Carolyn Brown—who doesn’t? I’ve read many of the more recent releases from Avalon. I’m still waiting for Jenny Jacobs’ next book. I’m also a fan of Stephen King, Dean Koontz, JA Jance, Iris Johansen, Lisa Jackson, Dennis Lehane, James Patterson, and others. As you can see, I read purely for entertainment and escapism these days. I don’t have a favorite book right now. It changes with the decade.

Would you describe your journey to be a published writer?
I’ve written since I was a kid. My first release was a lengthy story that was posted for all the world to see at my elementary school. I’ve always wanted to be a writer, but took detours as a Job Service Specialist/Adjudicator for Washington State, followed by a stint as a freelance writer for my local paper. I think the latter was the best preparation for my fiction writing, since I met so many interesting people. I certainly learned it’s true, “Everyone has a story.”

How do you choose your characters and setting?
I don’t know if I choose them, or if they choose me. I think like for most writers, people and places sort of pop into my head. Sometimes an event might trigger a book idea for me. My holiday submission to Avalon, Santa’s Posse, begins with a scene from my own life, in which I was at the mall and witnessed a boy being attacked by a group of other boys. I interceded, but in my story, a cop comes to the rescue. Also, in Deputy Down, the murder victim is a Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Deputy, and it happens my husband is a CVED. My husband read this book at my request. I did have to convince him there was nothing Freudian going on—that I do prefer him alive and kicking—but he wasn’t entirely convinced.

Thanks so much, Rosemarie. Your books sound delightful--as do you.


Beate Boeker said...

This sounds like such a delightful book! Thank you for sharing this with us!

Carolyn Brown said...

Wonderful post! Loved getting to know you better. I'm honored to see my name amongst the authors that you read. Your new book sounds like a winner!

Sandy Cody said...

Love the cover, love the premise of your story, Rosemarie. I seriously doubt that you're as boring as you think you are.

Elisabeth Rose said...

It's always a pleasure to learn more about our Avalon authors, everyone has such interesting and diverse lives.

How brave to intervene in that mall incident.