Saturday, November 19, 2011

Grass Under a Roller

Life is too short not to engage in at least one activity that excites you, that fires you up. For writers, that one activity is most likely writing. In my reading this month, I came across this observation from another successful writer:
If you are once sure what you do want, you find that everything else goes down before it like grass under a roller—all other interests, your own and other peoples’s.

Dorothy L. Sayers, “Gaudy Night, as quoted by Tasha Alexander

I agree. When I come across something that snags my interest, all my other obligations and responsibilities get done, but that shiny new idea or hobby or book or plot takes over. My mind and heart play with it, savor it, think about it, plan what I'll do next. Everything else becomes "grass under a roller".

Is your writing the "roller". Or something else?

Happy Rolling!


Carolyn Brown said...

Laverne, I tell folks that I have tunnel vision. Once I get an idea and the characters are in my head, I don't see anything but the light at the end. Or like you say, it's all "grass under the roller".

Beate Boeker said...

You are right, Laverne - and most of all, time flies by when I follow my new idea - I re-emerge hours later and wonder what happened with the real world in the meantime?

LaVerne Coan said...

That "tunnel vision" (I love the image) and the feeling of flying time are part of what Joseph Campbell calls "Bliss". He recommends following that Bliss for joy and success in life. Words to live by.