Sunday, August 14, 2011

Authors Night in the Hamptons

Last night, I participated in an annual event in East Hampton, NY: Authors Night. Authors come from different locales, different genres, different walks of life to sit under the gigantic white tent on the grounds of the East Hampton Library and sign copies of their books. All proceeds benefit the library. Founded by Alec Baldwin and Barbara Goldsmith in 2005, Authors Night is considered "the literary event" of summers in the Hamptons. And it's fun!

Authors who participate get an opportunity to meet the reading public, to place their books with new fans, and to connect with other writers who understand the creative spark. Wine and beer flows, shrimp and farm-fresh veggies are available for noshing, and of course, the press comes out to interview some of the more famous among us. Names like Dick Cavett, Susan Lucci, and of course, Alec Baldwin draw camera lights and reporters. Up to 1000 attendees stroll around the tables, picking up books and chatting up authors.
And the books! There's something for every type of reader. From romances to spy novels to biographies to non-fiction books about training your dog to coffee table books on rooftop gardens, the variety is dizzying. All there under the tent.
And the conversations! Last night, I discussed why some authors don't look like their photos (varied reasons from author ego to publisher's request), who did my makeup (me), and why a publicist shows up at the event despite her car being wrapped around a telephone pole up the block (she was t-boned at an intersection on her way to the library).

Whenever I attend a booksigning, the energy that emanates from both sides of the crowd is inspiring. It renews my writing spirit to see readers excited about a new story and pushes me back to the keyboard to finish the next chapter. Reader or writer, I urge you to look for booksigning events in your neck of the woods and attend. You'll love it, I promise!


Shirley Marks said...

This sounds so cool, Gina.

I know what you mean about getting energized from "both" sides of the table.

Carolyn Brown said...

Yes, ma'am, it does bring on a burst of energy to have someone interested in your books, doesn't it? Loved the pictures and the post!

Zelda Benjamin said...

Nice post. Our FRW chapter is doing a panel in Oct at the Delray Beach library in Fl. It's not the Hamptons but it will have to do.

Sandy Cody said...

I agree, Gina. Reader/writer events are always fun.

Beate Boeker said...

Oh, I wish we had those in Germany!