Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Interview with Jane McBride Choate

Today’s interview is with romance author Jane McBride Choate whose next book is scheduled for release soon.

Welcome Jane. Let’s start by hearing about your latest and upcoming releases.

Thank you for this opportunity.

I have an Avalon Historical Romance out right now, LARRABEE'S LUCK, set in Colorado Springs.

Coming soon is A MAN FOR AMANDA , a contemporary romance between a free spirit who operates a boarding house and an ex-cop turned writer who has lost his belief in love. He shows up as a boarder. She is struggling to make ends meet. He needs to get his life back on track. They need each other in ways they could never imagine.

This is my 28th book for Avalon and I hope to publish many more. I also have 4 books with other publishers.

32 books is a fabulous achievement! What makes you want to write and why this genre?

Why do I write? I love words. I love the act of weaving them together. I have always been fascinated by how words work together, how writers can paint pictures with only a few, well-chosen words.

I write romances because I believe in the healing power of love. I've been married to my sweetheart for nearly 38 years, a miracle when you realize that I am only 29! So writing about love is an affirmation of that love and the love we have for our family.

I am grateful to be published by Avalon. More than twenty years ago, Avalon published my first romance.

Do you write in other genres ?

I also write articles for RWR, Writer, Children's Book Insider, and home and family magazines.

Where do you call home?

We live in Loveland, Colorado. Nestled at the base of the Rocky Mountains, Loveland is "The Sweetheart City" of the world. Every year, Loveland holds a Valentine program where people from all over the world send their Valentines to be postmarked and stamped with an original verse.

I grew up in the Washington, DC area, attended school at Brigham Young University. I have 5 children, 4 grandchildren, 1 patient husband, and a cat who believes she's of royal descent.

What is your dream?

I dream of actually making a living at writing! So far that has not happened. It may never happen, but I keep trying. More importantly, though, I dream of touching the hearts of others in some small way. With that purpose, I started "The Gratitude Project" this year, where very day I blog about something for which I am grateful. Look for it at www.janemcbride.blogspot.com.

What do you do when you’re not writing?

I spend time with my family and friends. My grandchildren are the light of my life. I also love to go "garage sailing" and have furnished my home with other people's castoffs. It goes without saying that I read and have been known to read four different books at the same time. I also write the same way.

Thank-you, Jane, for that fascinating glimpse into your life.


Sandy Cody said...

Wow, Jane - 32 books! that's impressive, especially for a 29-year-old. The air in Loveland must be inspiring.

Beate Boeker said...

Hi Jane!
We briely met in Washington at the RWA conference in 2009, during the Avalon Party. I remember I was impressed by the number of romances you have published!

Deliese said...

If you're 29, and Avalon published your first novel about 20 years ago, that means you published your first novel at 9? Awe-inspiring, indeed! Here's to a long and prolific career!