Tuesday, February 8, 2011

An interview with Robin O'Neill

Today, we have an interview with Robin O’Neill. Her first Avalon Book Love in the Air will be available February 4, 2011. You can order them through many on-line bookstores or you can find it in your local library. Welcome, Robin!

Hi. Thank you for being curious about me and my novel.

I hear that Love in the Air isn’t your first success in writing, that you wrote for daytime television. Please tell us more about that. Any interesting stories?
I started in juvenile literature. One of my books was turned into a TV movie. I was then the head writer for a soap and NBC ordered me to kill off Alec Baldwin so I did. With two guns at the same time.

Why did you start writing?
Because I had something to say. Pretty simple really.

In your novel, the heroine runs a vintage aircraft museum and the hero is a helicopter pilot. How did you come up with that idea?
I've always loved aviation, I love old aircraft. I wanted to write a love story with action so an aerodrome seemed like a good setting.

Why did you decide to use a pen name? And why Robin O’Neill?
Robin was the name of my horse. The O'Neills were the high kings of Ireland. I chose that years ago because my real name was confusing to people. From now on, I’ll be writing under my real name, Barbara Morgenroth. I’ve written several books under that name.

When did you start your first novel and how long did it take you to become published?
Couple weeks. I wrote my first novel in three weeks for Atheneum and they accepted it immediately. I was 24 at the time.
What part of writing do you find most satisfying?
Creating a new world.

What do you personally like most about this novel?
The flying. I love aviation.

Do you have a schedule for writing or do you squeeze it in when you can?
Writing is my career, everything else is squeezed in.

Do you have a website or participate in another blog?

Thank you so much. Best of luck in your career of creating wonderful stories.


Sandy Cody said...

It's nice to meet another Avalon author.
Robin/Barbara, I bet you saw a lot of things to inspire your novels while you were writing for TV. What's the title of the book that was turned into a movie? Did it have a theme similar to Love in the Air? Love both the title and the cover.

Interesting interview. Thanks to both of you.

Beate Boeker said...

Hi Robin, I love the cover of your book . . . it looks so carefree and like a lot of fun. Good luck with this novel!

Loretta C. Rogers said...

Hi Robin--I have a terrible fear of heights, and that includes flying. Reading your book will be a lot safer. Nice meeting you.

Heidi said...

So, Barbara, I can see that mine isn't the only cycle one release that Amazon is quoting a 1-4 week shipping time. I guess it's all the snow! What a wonderful writing career you have had!