Monday, January 31, 2011


Boy, have we changed...and don't we look FABULOUS!

Four reasons why the Avalon Authors blog is now more interesting than ever before:

Reason 1. Every two months
  •  Discover the latest Avalon releases
  •  6 romances, 2 mysteries, and 2 westerns at your fingertips
  •  with direct links to Amazon (just click on the cover at the sidebar)

Reason 2. Every Wednesday
  • find an interview of an Avalon author

Reason 3. Every first Thursday
  • read a free story!

Reason 4. Every first Friday
  • ask a question. The Avalon authors will reply.

. . . and in between, we'll continue with fun posts about our lives as writers.

Stay tuned! And if you have any questions . . . contact us.

Beate Boeker
Joselyn Vaughn
LaVerne St. George
Nicola Beaumont
Sandy Cody

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Elisabeth Rose said...

Looking good ladies! Well done and thank-you.
Elisabeth Rose