Tuesday, December 28, 2010

In-Between Holiday

For most of us in the USA, the blizzards, howling winds and frosty temperatures have driven us inside for what I call the "In-between Holiday". In between Christmas (or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa) and the New Year. In between an ending and a beginning. In between reflection and preparation. My Christmas vacation was last week, so I'm working during this In-between Holiday. Working at my day job and considering how 2011 may bring more fiction writing, more submissions, more progress on my writing goals.

Right now, fiction writing is not looking good for 2011. My father-in-law is very ill and may need extensive care; I'm working one full-time job and creating a new business to bolster my earnings in an unstable economy; I have family and volunteer commitments.

But the In-between Holiday is a season of Hope. Hope--"a wish or desire accompanied by confident expectation of its fulfillment". (American Heritage Dictionary, 1992.)

In hope, I bought a Neo last month. The Neo (developed by Alphasmart, sold by Renaissance Learning) is a portable word processor whose entire function is to capture words for writers, journalists, and students. No internet, no games, no e-mail, without the reading software (I've got reading down, thanks), no distractions. Two AA batteries give you 400 hours of time; the size of an open paperback; under 2 pounds in weight.

I know I'll have less time to work on my fiction in 2011, but I'm not giving up hope that I can make progress. One way I do that is to make my writing as portable as possible. So I've invested in my hope with this bit of new writing technology.

And I will make progress.

How about you? What's the In-between Holiday helping you to do? Reflect? Relax? Plan? Got hope?

Happy New Year!


Sandy Cody said...

LaVerne, it sounds like you have some busy months ahead. Kudoes for maintaining your "can do" spirit in the midst of such challenges. Your father-in-law and family are lucky indeed to have you at the helm. Thanks for sharing this with us. I wish you the very best in 2011 - in your writing life and, more importantly, with your family responsibilities.

Beate Boeker said...

Dear LaVerne, I feel much like you - a mix of hope and fear - but we can move so much if we just believe in it. All the best for 2011 - and many happy hours, filled with writing!

Jane Myers Perrine said...

Many warm thoughts going to you and your family. I hope your father-in-law regains the best of all possible health and that the economy picks up so you don't have to juggle so much. We all hope you can still come up with more of your wonderful books. I'm going to check out the NEO now.


Christine Bush said...

LaVerne, I'll be thinking of you as you face these trying times. Family and love go hand in hand, and we never regret the time we give to those we love. The Neo is a great idea. I was gifted with an Alphie (an older model, same type of thing) and it has been an amazing help, especially when writing time is short and schedules complex. The batteries go forever... and I am constantly amazed at how much battering mine can take (ok, I am a klutz, especially when distracted). Little minutes of journaling, notes, character development, etc done while waiting really kept me sane, when dealing with this type of thing. Here's to a good year!

LaVerne St. George said...

Thank you so much for all your words of support. As of this week, my father-in-law's condition is improving, so hope is alive again. I've found that my little Neo is a powerful tool. Like you said, Christine, you can bang it around and the batteries last forever. I'm learning to keep it handy for all kinds of writing in all kinds of places--think fiction writing while waiting for the doctor. Yeh!