Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cravings: Boots, Scarves, and Sweet Romantic Stories

Growing up in the New York there was a rite of passage that came with the changing seasons. I loved when winter came and I could wear my winter clothes. Buying a new winter coat was a ritual in my family. Neutral winter shades of camel, gray, and black replaced the casual colors of summer.

Now that winter has come to South Florida I can satisfy my craving for winter clothes. Out come the boots I bought back in September and all the other accessories.

Winter clothes are not the only thing I long for. There are days I can’t consume enough chocolate.

Recently I had the strangest craving. I had just read the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Intrigued by the heroine and her dark background I read all three books back to back. My senses were on overload: murder, political secrets, and mayhem. Craving a release from all the pandemonium, I searched through my TBR pile for something less chaotic.

I found several Avalon romances: light, fast reads that weave charming tales of love. Wrapped in a warm Snuggie, sipping from a cup of frothy hot chocolate I am happy and content. All my cravings have been satisfied for tonight.

Have any unusual cravings this time of the year?


Sandy Cody said...

Another interesting read from Avalon. Another great cover. Congratulations, Zelda.

Anonymous said...

I think you need to stop going to Steinmart and buying Winter clothes in the Summer. Although, hot chocolate sound very yummy right about now :)

Allison Chase said...

I love wearing my sweaters, furry mocs, and pashminas, and I constantly crave dark chocolate peppermint bark!

Elisabeth Rose said...

Not exactly a craving but I love to hear the traditional Christmas songs sung by choirs like King's College, Cambridge. They used to broadcast 'Carols from Kings' each year on TV which was the Christmas service from King's College with that fabulous choir. I'd turn it up really loudly and sing along, much to the delight of my family. (those boy sopranos can sing really high--much higher than I can LOL)

For some reason they've stopped doing that and put on those hideous Christmas carols in the park shows instead.

So last year I bought my own CD of those beatiful choral arangements and at Christmas I turn it on really loudly and sing along.

This year we'll be away for Christmas but the children will be staying here so I've left the CD out for them :) with instructions.

Jane Myers Perrine said...

My winter clothing (central TX) consists of a hoodie to wear over my summer shirts!

My craving is, as always, chocolate. Sorry it's not all that unusual. (Allison--oh, that dark chocolate peppermint bark should be banned!)