Monday, November 8, 2010

Desert Islands with Elisabeth Rose

What would you take to a desert island?
This seems to be a favourite blog or interview question and the list is often restricted to three or maybe five items. It's a difficult question to answer, rather like being asked your favourite piece of music or book or movie.

I've always assumed the question presupposes being shipwrecked somehow in which case survival would rank above keeping myself entertained but I would need a book. It would be the one I was reading at the time of the stranding and I'd need my reading glasses too so there goes another item. A towel would be handy and sunscreen and definitely a hat. I'm assuming my island is tropical. I'd hate to be stranded somewhere cold and windy but I guess there's not much choice if you're really stranded.

The question is supposed to reveal things about a person, so you can see what I'm like--practical :) It's also supposed, in the case of books and music, to make you pick your very favourite 'can't live without them' items. I can't pick a favourite, it's so dependent on mood, although 'A Guide to Outdoor Survival' would be handy :)

The other indispensable item would of course be my husband. He's as far from being a DYI guy as I am from being an astronaut but he still makes me laugh after thirty seven years together and if I had to go through an ordeal like that I'd want him with me. And we could share the reading glasses.

What would you want with you if, heaven forbid, you were in such a situation? Has anyone been??


Fran Shaff said...

A "dessert" island might be more fun. lol But I guess a satellite phone and plenty of batteries would be the best idea so a person could call for help.

Zelda Benjamin said...

An outdoor guide and a resourceful man sound like useful things to have.

Elisabeth Rose said...

Oh yes! Dessert island. Yum.

My DH isn't particularly resourceful unfortunately, Zelda. My Dad and my brother on the other hand could whip up a house or a even a boat using bits of seaweed and sand LOL

Sandy Cody said...

Interesting question, Lis. I think I'd like your Dad and brother on that island with me.

Sandra Leesmith said...

Gee with an outdoor guide and a useful man would you really want the satellite phone?

Might be fun to just play for awhile.

Imagine it. No Internet, no phones, no television, no chores to do, house to clean, just peace and quiet.

Ahhh. I'd think I'd died and gone to heaven.

Beate Boeker said...

Lis, I remember that my daughter was asked this in kindergarten. Most of the other kids said. "I'll take Mom, Daddy, my bike . . . " or stuff like that. My daughter frowned, then said. "Something to drink. Something to eat. A boat."
I never forgot that. So practical, so down-to-earth. At five! Ever since, I repeat what she says when I'm asked that question!

Jane Myers Perrine said...

Years, ago, we had to evacuate Savannah due to hirricane Hugo. We learned what was important: our two dogs, the computers and our picture albums. Of course we took books!!!