Thursday, October 28, 2010


How do you work in all the things a writer needs to do to keep irons in the fire?

Caught between projects?

So what do you work on? Have you stopped in the middle of a wip to do edits or revisions on a previous project an editor/agent is interested in? And once those are done, do you pursue some other story that you think will fit that editor/agent interests?

Or…do you return to wip number one?

Or, maybe you receive interested response on a third project that might be with another editor/agent. So…should you polish the third story to the best of your ability? Or…do you get caught thinking this third book may have lost its spark, so…you need to either give it a total rewrite or start over? But you might consider just starting a new book for that editor/agent.

What about the first wip?

Ahhhhh…a response on the second wip. Stalking the mailman really works!

But, it’s more revisions. That means more hours/days/weeks re-working story number two. But don’t forget…you have an editor/agent showing interest. This opportunity cannot be ignored. So, rewrites/revisions it is.

Then days/weeks/months later when you’ve finished, what do you work on? Back to wip number one? Or story number three?

OH! A contest! A chance to get story number four in front of the editor/agent of your dreams. What to do, what to do?

And then…

NANO is coming! NANO is coming…

WHAT TO DO? What to do? Whattodooooo?

Is this post a trick or a treat? You decide. Let us hear from you.

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Carol Hutchens said...

I scared everyone off...or you're all home pre-writing on your NANO project.

Planning is good. After three attempts, winning two, I can't agree with the No Plot, No Problem theory.

Unless...your character arc is your plot?????