Thursday, July 1, 2010

How Bad Do You Want It?

I’m back blogging today. It's been a while because we’re going through a tough time now—more on that later. I’ve really missed not reading the blogs of the terrific writers in this group. I always enjoy reading their contributions, constantly amazed at how creative they are. Where do you writer come up with some of these ideas?

Today, I was listening to How Bad Do You Want It by Tim McGraw. I should play that every morning when I sit down to write, to inspire me. At the same time, I realized that what we want and how bad (yes, I do recognize the bad grammar) we want it are different at different times in our lives. For example, my husband will be in a skilled nursing facility for at least six more weeks as he recuperates from surgery nearly two months ago. He has other health issues which make his recovery a long one. Right now, what I want most is to smile when I visit and to be cheerful. Sometimes that isn’t easy but that’s what I want bad now.

During this time, my writing is far down the list of what I want. George is first; taking care of myself which includes swimming every day, second; writing comes in third as my moments of relaxation. Oh, and church is high on the list.

There are authors for whom writing is desire number one—and that’s fine for them. I’ve felt that way, but I’m not there now.

What’s you first priority? What do you want most?

How bad do you want it?


Carol Hutchens said...

Fingers crossed than you and your husband will be on the mend soon...he back at home and you back at writing.

Sandy Cody said...

Jane, I'm sending all good thoughts and many prayers for you and your husband. How nice of you to take time to blog when you have so much else on your plate. I hope the healing process is quick and complete.

Beate Boeker said...

We're thinking of you, Jane! I understand how you feel . . . there are times when writing is an urgent need, and times when it recedes to the edge of the vision. Hang in there!

Carolyn Brown said...

I understand. Times change priorities but most of the time it makes a big wide circle and comes right back home! I love that song by Tim also! Good thoughts going your way!
Carolyn Brown

Jane Myers Perrine said...

Carol. Sandy, Beate and Carolyn--Thank you so much for your responses. I thought I was writing an article on priorities but you ladies saw it was also a call for support. Again, thank you.