Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Summer Reading Project

I tend to be more productive when I multitask. As if I didn’t all ready have enough on my plate, I’ve created a new project. The project is still nameless and I welcome catchy suggestions. But first I have to tell the how and what of this new project.

Along with the staff at the Pediatric ER (where I work when I’m not writing) I have set a goal to collect 1000+ new or gently used children’s books. These books will be given to our patients -newborns to age 17 – to help encourage summer reading.

The idea came to me a few weeks ago when I noticed a 7-year-old patient reading a chapter book. Her grandmother told me how much the girl liked to read, but keeping her supplied with books was hard. Local libraries have cut their hours and books are expensive.

I sent a message to my Mother’s Day guests asking them to bring a children’s book to brunch. Thanks to my friends and family who helped launch this still nameless project I collected 50 books this weekend. The project has sparked an interest with friends who are teachers and they have offered to help collect books.

I can’t imagine of home without books or a summer that isn’t spent with your head buried in a book.

If you can think of a name for this project leave a comment on this blog or go to my FB page and leave a message.


Sandy Cody said...

This a great project, Zelda. Good luck with it! Sorry I can't come up with a worthy name, but I'm sure someone will.

Zelda Benjamin said...

So far i've gotten 2 suggestions- Happily Ever After and Once Upon a Time. I think they're both clever.

Beate Boeker said...

This sounds like a great project! How about Summer Book Club?

Zelda Benjamin said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Beate. We picked
READ ON . . . for the project name. Books are coming in from friends and lots of teachers. We have a way to go before we meet our goal.