Thursday, April 1, 2010

Meet Avalon Author Jane Myers Perrine

Today’s guest holds a special place in this writer’s heart. Although I didn’t write the book for several years due to grad school pressures, Jane helped me with a manuscript that eventually became my first sale to Avalon. I was already a fan of her work, having been introduced to her first Avalon book, The Mad Herringtons, when I was coordinating a contest in which she was a finalist.

Fanfare please!

Tell us the first thing that pops into your head when I say: Tell us about yourself. Give us a brief biography in your own words. I'm a writer. It's that simple. Along the way, life interfered: college, graduate school, marriage to a minister (being a minister's wife is a full-time job), and teaching Spanish in high school and college. I was finally able to come back to writing seriously about 15 years ago.

Q: When did you know you wanted to be a writer? What was the biggest influence on this decision? I've always wanted to be a writer. I believe that's because I've been a reader. If a book didn't end the way I wanted it to, I'd come up with a better ending. In fact, I still do!

Q: Tell us about the first thing you ever wrote. I wrote plays and stories as a child. In second grade, my teacher said I'd be a writer when I grew up. In fifth grade, I wrote a play about Egypt that my friends and I presented as a class project. In eighth grade, I wrote a mystery story in which the BIG clue was the bad guys all wore blue suede shoes. My teacher had me read it to the class and they loved it. At the time, I thought this wasn't that big a thing. Now I realize that enthralling 35 eighth graders is a big deal.

Q: Tell us about the genre in which you write and why. My first love is the traditional, sweet Regency. I love Jane Austin and have read her novels over and over. Two of my Avalon novels are Regencies, and THE MAD HERRINGTONS is one of the favorite books I've written. I like to write humor and stories that take place in small towns because several of the churches George served were in small towns.

Q: Tell us about your latest book. Then tell us about your Avalon books. My latest published books have been inspirationals from Steeple Hill Love Inspired. The last one published--SECOND CHANCE BRIDE--is my other favorite book. It's a historical about a young woman with a difficult past and shadowed future who assumes the identity of another woman.

Q: What do you like to do besides write? We live a very quiet life. I like to do things with my husband, read, volunteer at church, spend time with my spoiled cats, swim, and watch college sports on television.

Q: What would you like us to know about you or your writing above anything else? I love the Spanish language. I majored in Spanish and English in college which means I did a great deal of reading of the best literature in both languages. I admire the rich culture of the Spanish-speaking world and I enjoy being able to serve others because I speak Spanish.

Q: Where can readers find you? My web site is I love to hear from readers!


Carol Hutchens said...

Hi Jane,
The Mad Herringtons just arrived. I ordered it when I read somewhere that you love Jane Austin...can't wait to read it.

mulligangirl said...

Nice to "meet" and learn more about you, Jane--other than that you like to revise, that is! :-)

Jane Myers Perrine said...

Laurie Alice, I'm humbled by the fact that I helped in any way with your career. I'm certan your talent would have have led to publication--as it has with the explosion of books you have coming out--but I'm touched by your gratitude. Thank you for the wonderful interview.

Jane Myers Perrine said...

Carol--I hope you enjoy The Mad Herringtons. A reader told me it was the funniest book she'd ever read--hope you find that, too.

Good to get to know everyone Laurie Alice interviews better! Thanks for stopping by.