Monday, March 15, 2010

Excerpt Exchange

We all know that today's authors are required to do their own marketing.
We also know that successful marketing makes consumers willing to buy.
Our consumers are our readers. What do they want?
Read, presumably!
So how do we make them want to read our novels?
We give them some pages and hope they'll enjoy them so much, they'll go out and buy the book!
All right. So far, everything is clear and easy.

We create our websites, enclose our excerpts, and hope that our readers will flock to the bookstores.
But . . . there are only so many readers on our website.
How do we find more?
This is where Fran Shaff's idea came in.
She said: Let's exchange excerpts: I put your exchange on my blog, and you put mine on yours . . . and so we spread the word.

When I read this, I immediately liked the idea and wrote to Fran, telling her that she could count me in.
Only . . . later I realized I didn't have a personal blog! Ooops.
I then decided to open a new chapter on my website called "guests". Here, I placed Fran's excerpt. Fran put mine on her Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace pages.
And then we decided that I would tell you all about it . . . first, so you can go and enjoy Fran's excerpt about Mari's Mircacle on my website (
and second, so we can all start to exchange excerpts! I know some of you have already started. Happy reading . . .


Zelda Benjamin said...

I like the idea. As soon as I create a guest page I'll contact you and Fran.

Joselyn Vaughn said...

This is a really cool idea. It's a great way to get your work in front of a lot of different eyes.

Sandy Cody said...

I agree that it's a fine idea and am inviting writers to share an excerpt on my website. So far, I have 2 up - 1 from Fran Shaff, an Avalon writer, and 1 from Kelly Jameson, a local writer and personal friend.

Who knows whre this may lead? A mighty oak from a tiny acorn thing!

Sarita Leone said...

I think this is a super idea. So many interesting excerpts to read!

Beate Boeker said...

I'm glad you all like the idea . . . I'm willing to exchange further excerpts too!