Monday, March 22, 2010

Disney Vacation - New Heroes

I spent this past weekend at Disney World and had the usual fun time. When the grandchildren were finally tucked in, my husband and I went off to the food court. In order to get a beverage we had to pass through a souvenir/gift shop first.

The first item I noticed was box of Disney heroes. These heroes were a little different than the heroes of the past. There were no princes with sparkling white teeth.

Buzz, Woody, Mr. Incredible and furry blue Sulley were the heroes in this box. All of them are flawed, reluctant heroes thrown into situations where they are forced to fight the villains and save the day.

The stories have not changed, but even in romance we are seeing a different kind of hero.

In Chocolate Secrets my hero and heroine fit a more contemporary part. The heroine, an ER nurse has a secret chocolate recipe the hero, a sexy firefighter is eager to learn.

The heroine in Chocolate Magic is a kooky chocolatier trying to keep a run down apartment building she inherited in working order. The hero in Chocolate Magic is an influential real estate developer attracted to more than just the heroine’s apartment building.

Neither of my heroes ride in on white horses. They show up in a sleek red fire engine and a chauffer driven SUV. They are not reluctant and know exactly what they want.

What kind of heroes do you write about?

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Elisabeth Rose said...

Chocolate in the title is such a winner! LOL

My heroes are down to earth practical men who (I realise) are probably a combo of my father and my husband. They can all wield a tea towel and throw together a meal but are still strong and successful at what they do.

Jonathan in Outback Hero drives around in a ute (pick-up truck for those in the US) and is out of his depth in the city.

Zelda Benjamin said...

Lis- Any guy who drives around in a ute and lives in the Outback is a hero here in the US.

Carol Hutchens said...

Sounds yummy. Anything chocolate should be a winner.

Jane Myers Perrine said...

You have made me face reality: the world is changing if there are fewer princesses at DisneyLand.

I write strong heroes. I once tried to write about an accountant hero, very Beta, and I thought so cute. The editor rejected it because readers want ALPHA heroes.

I am trainable. And I love chocolate.