Monday, March 8, 2010

Author Branding

In anticipation of updating my website (, I'm thinking about how to brand myself. BFS, my critique group, says that one of my strengths is my portrayal of small-town life in the twenty-first century. If you read my books, you know most of them are set in very small towns in Upstate New York. The exceptions: Mara's Move takes place mostly on a cruise ship and the other book in that series, Candy Kisses, is set in Albany. For me, Albany is the the city. But friends from other metro areas tell me Albany is a small for a "real" city. The students at the state university do call it Smallbany. But I digress.

As a start on my branding, I've come up with a list of branding tags. I have two that I like best. But I'm not telling -- yet. Here they are:

  • Celebrate Love -- Small-town Style
  • Celebrate Love -- Pure and not so simple
  • Celebrate Small-town Love -- Pure and not so simple
  • Celebrate Small-town Love -- Sweet and not so simple
  • Celebrate Small-town Love -- Sweet but not so simple
  • Celebrate Small-town Love -- Twenty-first Style

Or I could substitute Romance for Love in any of them.

What do you think? I let you know what I decide.


Sandy Cody said...

Jean, I love your part of the world. My family and I camped in the Finger Lakes area of NY for many years and enjoyed both the scenic beauty and the trips to interesting out-of-way places.

As for your brand, I think they're all good, but my favorite is "Celebrate Love - Pure and not so simple." It tells the reader what they need to know without limiting any future books you might write with a different setting.

Zelda Benjamin said...

Branding is a great idea. Look what it did for Apple.
I like the first one - Small-Town Style Celebrate Love.

Beate Boeker said...

Hi Jean, I like the first one best because it's so short and snappy.

Carol Hutchens said...

Hi Jean,
I'd vote for the 'Celebrate Love-Pure and not so simple' so you can write any romance.

Joselyn Vaughn said...

I like the first tagline also. It's short and easy to remember.