Thursday, February 11, 2010

Eat More Chocolate and Read a Good Book

Why does chocolate serve as the perfect gift? Bring chocolate to any event and it’s an instant hit. Chocolate says so many things – I Love You, Be My Valentine, Feel Better, Congratulations and so on.

Writing a chocolate blog two days before Valentine’s Day seemed like the right thing to do. And the fact that the second book in my Love by Chocolate series, Chocolate Magic is scheduled for an April 2010 release everything is tied together in a nice chocolate laced bow.

While writing my chocolate series, chocolate started to grow as character in each book. It even developed a vocabulary of its own – decadent, weakness, pleasure. . . The list is endless.

How and why is chocolate so popular when associated with love and romance? Dark chocolate is said to release the same chemicals as when someone is in love. This is a fact I used in Chocolate Magic.

The Aztecs are famous for cultivating and using chocolate for everything from building stamina to increasing sexual prowess. Forget those expensive chocolate frothers, the Mexicans use a wooden tool called a molinillo to get that delicious froth that sits on the top of a scrumptious cup of hot chocolate. Before the tool was invented in the 1700’s, hot chocolate drinkers froth the beverage by pouring the drink from cup to cup. The molinillo is mentioned in Chocolate Magic.

Whatever your reason for indulging in this decadent treat go froth and enjoy.

Will you be satisfying your Valentine’s sweet tooth with chocolate this year? My husband’s favorite candy is a Chunky.


Allison Chase said...

I'm still working on the Kilwins I got for my birthday, but I certainly won't complain if I get more for Valentines Day. How cool that the Aztecs had a tool specifically designed for chocolate. My kind of culture!

Zelda Benjamin said...

Allison- You can never have too much chocolate. Eating it in small amounts is even better - you never run out.l

Elisabeth Rose said...

Eat , eat and enjoy your chocolate. And make an appointment to see your dentist LOL

Mark L. Friedlander said...

Chunky's? I loved them. Bless the simple pleasures. Do they still make them? I haven't seen one in years - or does Benny have a secret stash?

Zelda Benjamin said...

Mark - I've found Chunky's at Walgreens. I'm not a fan. I don't like the mix of raisins and nuts.

Zelda Benjamin said...

Lis- If my dentist was anything like the one you go to I would go more often.

Jane Myers Perrine said...

What is it with women and chocolate? I don't like nuts. coconut or raisins which, fourtunately, cuts down of the chocolate I want.