Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

Probably the most frequently asked question this time of year, this day specifically, is “Do you have a new year’s resolution?” So I did my own asking. Only a few people admitted that they have resolutions. Since I asked writers, most of the answers centered around their career.

Avalon author Beate Boeker admitted that she didn’t make resolutions because they put her under pressure and she didn’t need pressure to get her work done. I was one of those strange kids who always had their homework done a week in advance - I know - a sorry thing - but I hate to be late for anything.”

Zelda Benjamin, also an Avalon author, wants to strive to find the balance between work and family. This is a popular resolution and one with which I firmly agree for myself.

For the past two years, I have focused on resolutions that emerged as completely career-oriented. Two years ago, I resolved to finish three manuscripts. I did and sold one to Avalon Books. When the Snow Flies will be an August, 2010 release. Last year, I started the year with a contract and promise of two more for the series, so determined to send out at least three more proposals. I did and sold all of them, making 2009 a record year of sales for me with me receiving contracts for four Avalon books, four from Baker/Revell, and two more from Barbour Publishing.

Noelene Jenkinson resolves to focus on writing goals for herself this year, too, moving her career forward.

And that’s what the New Year is all about for me—learning from the past, then putting it behind us and starting again, beginning a new year with a clean slate and the promise of endless possibilities. Never did I imagine last New Year’s Day that I would finally break the publishing barrier and actually enjoy the privilege of calling myself a full-time writer.


Sandy Cody said...

Thanks for sharing your findings, Laurie Alice. I'm in awe of your discipline in keeping the resolutions you made last year and the amount of writing you get done. I've not read one of your books yet, but intend to in 2010. (That's as close to a resoslution as I get.) Keep up the good work!

~otto~ said...

Happy New Decade

Zelda Benjamin said...

I agree. Put the past behind and move on. Any thing new is something to look forward to.

Jane Myers Perrine said...

My resolution every years was the same: exercise more. So I've stopped makng any resolutions.