Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy July 4th

Tomorrow is July 4th--Independence Day! It's a wonderful day for many of us to remember how lucky we are to live in the USA, and enjoy the freedom and privileges we have here that so many people in the world do not have. My mother's mother came here from Argentina as a young girl; my mother's father was born here but his parents came from Austria-Hungary. My father's father's family came from russia; my father's mother's family also came from Austria-Hungary. I have heard many colorful stories about how they all came to the USA. They have one thing in common: they all wanted a better life for themselves and for their families. The chance to have freedom to worship as they chose; or to be able to work hard and earn a decent living; or to escape poverty and hopelessness they had faced previously. America was adream--and still is for many people. I have been lucky to have met and become friends with people from different countries--Chile, Peru, Serbia, China. All have come here to find a better life. Let's hear it for America! We may have problems but we have freedom!


Jean C. Gordon said...

My grandparents on my dad's side also came from Austria-Hungary. My mom's mother from England, and my mom's grandfather from Scotland.

Happy Independence Day to all!

Kathye Quick said...

I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

My dad's parents came from Greece and my mom's from Scotland and Slovokia.

I wish people would give up the qualifiers like Afro-American, Asian American, Latino American unless you were naturalized.

If you were born, here, you're an American.

There woule be a lot less ethnic-discrimination if we did that. IMO

Edna said...

my great grandparents came from England and Germany. Sure would love to win some books, if you are giving any away.


Edna said...

Well the weekend is over and I guess everyone will be going back to work. I hurt a lot but am so glad I am old enought not to have to work every day. I enjoy my time of life and am just waiting for God to call me home but until he is finished with me here on earth I will enjoy my reading and my internet along with my family.