Friday, June 19, 2009

Celebrate Writing!

As I was entering the wide world of writing--and yes, the world of the published author--I often heard those more experienced than I caution that writing was hard work, writing was an effort, writing demanded dedication and commitment. I found every caution I heard to be true. Writing is tough. Writing drains you. Writing can be lonely. The writing process demands emotional reserves you didn't know you had.

Bottom line? So many more reasons to celebrate!

Did you reach your writing goal today? Take 5 minutes to sit back with your eyes closed and savor the moment. Did you finish a synopsis today? Treat yourself to a bubble bath. Did you finally crack that scene that's been riding you for days? Call up your friends and play whatever sport you love. Did you write today? Make yourself a cup of coffee (with a shot of chocolate?) and pat yourself on the back.

Don't wait for the "win"--the contest placement, the book contract, seeing your name in print for the first time.

Celebrate all the little victories, the daily successes, the baby steps that reinforce that you are a writer and you are moving toward your next goal.

Celebrate the gifts that you've been given. The ability to put words together in a way that creates a compelling story and having the passion to create are true gifts.

Acknowledge and celebrate your commitment to this glorious, frustrating, invigorating, wonderful activity called writing, regardless of the amount of time and effort you've decided to dedicate.

Make celebration as much a part of your routine as your writing.

Celebrate Writing!


Carol Hutchens said...

Yay, LaVerne!
Good timing...I reached a point to celebrate this morning. Your suggestions came just in time! Thanks for reminding me how special this is.

Carolyn Hughey said...

Thanks for the reminder, LaVerne. We often forget that everything we do deserves a celebration.

Jennifer Shirk said...

That is a great reminder! We should celebrate the little things more often. :)