Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Books That Make You Laugh

In April, my mother fell and broke her leg. Running back and forth to the hospital and then the rehab center (45 minutes away), caring for her dog (she's at our house) and doing errands for my mom has been stressful.
So, for my pleasure reading, when I did the book-buying with my kids, I purposely searched for a couple of books that would make me laugh and get my mind off my problems.
One of the authors I selected was Sandra Hill (recommended by friend and fellow Avalon author Jean C. Gordon). I'm reading her "My Fair Viking" now--and it is making me laugh.
I've laughed and smiled with many Avalon books. Several that I found especially fun are: "A Surprise for Abigail" (Tracey Lyons); "Mandy and the Mayor" (Jean C. Gordon); and "Pick Up Lines (Holly Jacobs).
So what are some books that have made you laugh?

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Christine Bush said...

Thanks for the great suggestions! There is nothing like the power of a fun book to bring joy into our sometimes frazzled lives! Thanks.