Wednesday, May 20, 2009

An Auction That Helps

For five years, Brenda Novak has run an auction to raise money for diabetes research. She has a son with diabetes so most of the money goes to research for type 1 diabetes. But many of us who have type 2 diabetes pitch in as well in the hope a kid can someday eat a couple of sliced of pizza with lots of meat and tons of cheese—and his blood sugar won’t zoom up. That a girl could drink a milk shake without worrying that her heart or her vision will be harmed.

I’ve participated in the past four auctions and attempt to put together a better basket every year. I started with a few of my Avalon books, then added books written by my friends. This year, my generous friends came through with enough books for two baskets: one with inspirational from my friends at Steeple Hill Love Inspired. The other basket is a FEATURED item—perhaps because as well as books and chocolate and beauty products, the winner gets a personal poem that I will write for them, based on the information she gives me. The books in this basket range from sweet to HOT and many in between, something for every taste. One of the books is Roni Denholtz’s terrific Avalon novel Negotiating Love.

Please drop by and browse. To find my baskets, just put PERRINE in the search box and they’ll pop up. That is our shy cat Maggie on the bottom shelf of one of the pictures. You’re lucky you get to see her. She hides from guests.
But please browse through all the pages. There are so many great things: books, jewelry, other baskets, trips, food, editors and agents who will read your manuscript—on and on. And everything goes to research on diabetes.

Hope you’ll find time to bid on one of my baskets or to wander around and find something you’d enjoy having. When you bid, you know you’re helping kids. The bidding ends at the end of May.

Do you have a charity or organization you’ve volunteered for? What have you done? How does volunteering make you feel?

Jane Myers Perrine

Jane Myers Perrine


Loretta C. Rogers said...

Jane, Brenda's auction is such a worthy cause. I donated books last year and received the nicest note from Brenda. Thanks for reminding us of this event.

Carol Hutchens said...

Internet Explorer wouldn't let me post yesterday. Just wanted to thank you for a very informative post.