Friday, April 17, 2009


Research . . . ah, my favorite topic.

When my husband and I first met, we decided to buy a camera. In my world of BB (that’s Before Bob for you non-texting members), that meant going to the store, having the clerk tell you about the varying features of each manufacturer, and going home with a bag full of camera stuff to begin a new hobby.

Well, this one Saturday we set out to buy a camera. Man, I was psyched about developing this new hobby. What I didn’t know about Bob was his penchant for researching everything ad nauseam.

Despite my frustration of going home empty handed, I ultimately found the value of all that research. Let’s face it, some clerks intentionally provide misleading information just to make that sale. So, the morale of this story . . . or blog . . . is for you to do your homework. Know the answers to those questions before you say something that can be disputed by someone in the know.

So, how does this apply to us as writers? Well, if you’ve ever submitted a manuscript, and neglected to do your research, then you know there’s just so much creative licensing you can apply without writing a disclaimer on the title page.

The Internet is the highway to information. It amazes me how many people ask Google the same silly questions I do. More importantly though, it’s the window of opportunity to learn and not be afraid to focus your story on a subject of which you have no knowledge. It’s all right there just waiting for you to ask.

Need a tutorial on researching the most efficient way on the Internet highway? Check out this site: . It’s easier than you think!

Oh, and in case you’re wondering. That camera? It took three months of research before we ultimately purchased the right one. So did I take up the hobby? Umm . . . no . . . but, I did launch another hobby—writing romances.

And, one more tool you should always have on hand, CHOCOLATE—and lots of it. Eating chocolate releases endorphins that help elevate a sluggish mood, it releases stress, and gives you an all over good feeling of wellbeing.

If you’d like to know more about Cassie Pirelli’s chocolate mantra, visit my website at And, by the way, did you have your chocolate today?
Carolyn Hughey ~ Cupid’s Web ~ Avalon Books


Debby Mayne said...

I agree, Carolyn! Both research and chocolate are extremely important!

Carolyn said...

Absolutely! Thanks, Debby.

Sierra Donovan said...

My husband and I try to do our homework on major purchases ... but it seems like there's always something we didn't foresee. I still shudder at the experience of returning our first bigscreen TV ... BRRR!!!!

Carolyn Hughey said...

LOL Sierra. I hear ya talking. LOL

Elisabeth Rose said...

Salespeople often comment on us as fast decision makers when we make a major purchase. We don't do it often and when we do we have a good idea of what we want and why, plus the budget cut off. We both have the same taste in colour and design too which helps a lot!
I can't remember us ever arguing in a store about a purchase. We do that at home LOL Just kidding, we DECIDE at home.

Zelda Benjamin said...

I sometimes I feel I spend too much time checking out a product before I shop. It's difficult to get just a little info. Moving from one link to the next and on to comments about a product can b exhausting. Sometimes it works for the better and I realize I really don't need to go out and spend my money.

Carolynn Carey said...

Interesting blog, Carolyn. I've found that if I see something and fall in love with it on the spot (love at first sight, so to speak), it doesn't matter how much research I do; I'm never going to find something I like better. But if I don't have that sort of experience, I do lots of research. The Internet is great for getting first-hand recommendations or warnings from people who already own a product. And as you said, the Internet is great for researching our books too. (The chocolate goes without saying!)