Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Monday Book Giveaway

I'll admit it. I dislike Mondays. After the blissful freedom of the weekend, it's hard to get up on Monday morning and face the weekly grind. To make your Monday a little sweeter, I'm giving away a copy of my latest Avalon novel, A Clever Disguise. From the inside cover:

For years, Michael Balcarris has loved Emily Dymoke from afar. However, because of his secret profession, he is unable to admit his feelings for her and show his true self. Instead, he must continue to present himself as a frivolous fop to both London society and the woman of his dreams. As a young girl, Emily had a private crush on Michael, who had been her brother Colin's handsome and dashing friend. Yet upon Michael's return to London after attending university, she is unable to abide his insufferable presence. To make matters worse, he insists on being everywhere she is--including her family's country home when they go on summer holiday. During their time in the countryside, however, Emily starts to see a new side of Michael. She also has to fight her growing attraction to him, leaving her to wonder how she could be falling in love with a man she can barely tolerate.

I really enjoyed writing A Clever Disguise, and the other books in my Regency Royal Series, A Brilliant Deception and the upcoming A Daring Escape. In all I've written seven novels for Avalon. For information about my other books please visit my website:

To enter to win a copy of A Clever Disguise, simply comment on this question by the end of this week: How do you feel about Mondays? I'll announce the winner next Monday.

Have a good one! Kathleen


sherrinda said...

I work in an elementary school office, and Mondays are generally fraught with bad tempered, tired kids. Teachers are sluggish and the overall atmosphere is, well, Monday-like. I don't generally dislike Mondays, and am ready to face all the grumpiness, hoping to rise above the negativity. So...Happy Monday!

I'd love a chance to win a copy of your book! Regency is a favorite genre of mine. The fashion, the balls...lovely!

Sandy Cody said...

Your book sounds delightful, Kathleen. Good luck with it. I no longer work outside my home or have school-age children so my feelings about Mondays have changed somewhat. They are now a symbol of beginning, a promise to myself to do the things I put off last week (or last year).

Sierra Donovan said...

My husband has Mondays off, and that's the day the kids are usually back in school ... so Mondays aren't too painful around here!

(Please don't hate me.)

Elisabeth Rose said...

Mondays aren't bad for me either. I teach privately and we work to school terms. The first half of the year has lots of long weekends especially if Easter falls outside school holidays so working Mondays are reduced considerably! My husband groans on Sunday nights though.

Kathleen Fuller said...

Thanks everyone for commenting. I'm glad to hear that not everyone dislikes Mondays! The winner of A Clever Disguise is Sierra Donovan. Sierra, please email me at kathy@kathleen (no spaces) with your snail mail and I'll get the book to you right away. Happy Monday, everyone!

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?